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Jun 26, 2006


Pingback seemed very promising at first as it is a lean and mean protocol, and looked fun to create our own classes and methods for to implement in our framework.
But we soon noticed that 
pingback relies on XML-RPC heavily and it appears that the PHP manual pages for XML-RPC states all PHP functions for XML-RPC are EXPERIMENTAL and has no manual entries that can be of use.
Here's a quick description of the pingback protocol for sending a pingback from a client to a server


set permalink
parse external links in array
foreach array as external link
     get first 5k data of link doc
     check for X-Pingback header
     scan for link back tag
     execute XML-RPC ping to server

receive ping
confirm blog
request client page content check content type
verify link
retrieve title, extract surrounding content, etc
update blog page with back links

We've tried the PEAR repository and tested it's pingback class, but were unsuccessful. There is still no end user doc there and the pingback class seems not finished or otherwise problematic to use.

 We will look more deeply into developing the pingback for our PHP framework as soon as our trackback functionality is in place and fully working.

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