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Jun 26, 2006

New Partners!

It might be the weather, but the last weeks all kinds of new partnerships seem to develop.

Myself being more a technical, developer kind of guy, I more and more regularly get requests from designers to redo their sites and their complete designs in (validating!) HTML, and set them up with a custom content management system for those sites.
And with my PHP framework, those jobs are quite easy to deal with.

We easily reuse or modify already existing classes and methods, and match and fit any design we can think of (and would still make sense).

This enables us to match great custom designs with great functionality, in very short times. I even dare to bet we can outrun even the fastest offshore PHP sweatshop in developing great sites and applications in relative short time periods.

And it seems the word is getting out lately, and Miranet seems to be getting a REAL share of the so called 2nd wave off the internet, business wise as well as personally!

While I will always maintain a strong commitment toward schools, small businesses, artists and social initiatives, I am seriously steering forward to developing enterprise level solutions for communication, transactions, security and reporting.

Finding new partnerships and creating a network of businesses and highly competent individuals in different fields is crucial for being able to survive in the (web)development world!

But, as said, I will always endorse and sponsor ANYONE with a plan that appeals to my sense of "doing business the right way", so I welcome any (wo)man with a plan to contact me!

Just do it, let's get things happening!

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