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Jun 26, 2006 Live development script:
Anyway, as I am rambling away randomly, I just discovered one of the coolest and most dangerous scripts I've seen in years;
I quote from their site at


"PHP Interactive is a simple PHP program that lets the user to write code in a text area (actually multiple text areas, with tabs to switch), and see the output of the code just pressing the update button. "

Now you will definitely not want to keep this script on a public area on your server, but it is a great tool to quickly test some PHP code you're working on. The current version is actually already 1 1/2 years old at this moment, but I only recently stumbled over this tool which gives me lots of fun when trying out bits of code.
I love this little tool for testing ideas for functions and small scripts before putting them into live code, or fiddling with syntax to learn some new ways of approaching development.

And I think PHP Interactive can be a great way to immediately see the results of your coding efforts when learning PHP.

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