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Jun 26, 2006

Miranet Webdesign blog page!

Finally I've decided it's time to start a little blog here.
Don't expect me to update this really often, as i have bad habits with habits!

And in good Miranet fashion we will build our own blogging application as we go along. So this is the first page, and I will try put some dummy design in it to see what I would need in a blog application.

  1. First of all, It would be nice if visitors could comment on my rantings.  Captcha's and validations would probably suffice to avoid the biggest spammers. -> That will be for the future.
  2. Provide links to respected sources related to the blog. can be done now.
  3. Wouldn't it be nice to collect all links in the blog. and output them as an RSS feed? And do pingbacks as well?
  4. Automatic dating and timing of course-> to be done in the framework
  5. Maybe a multilingual blog? ->perhaps, but for now just English
  6. I could provide blog space to other users. That would require a sign up of course. -> nah....
  7. A quoting system? Would that be very ego-manic? -> well, there's an idea there!
  8. But of course I like to keep the KISS principle upright, so let's start very basic. -> therefor i will use the components already available in my own framework, and expand them if necessary.

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